The Buzz On Brazil….5 Reasons Why It Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List for 2020

February 20, 2020

If beach is your thing: **Lencois Maranhenses

Once a preserve for backpackers, this breathtakingly  beautiful National Park located on the Northern coastline of Brazil is the latest discovery for luxury travelers.

If you’re looking for deserted beaches, rolling white sand dunes that stretch for miles interspersed with a series of deep blue freshwater lagoons  more dazzling than the next, this is the perfect destination for you!

Ferme de Georges in the tiny beach village of Atins and Casana located further down the coast in the little known town of Prea are just 2 of the boutique hotels I’m in love with. If speed-boating through mangrove line deltas, off-roading by ATV along deserted beaches, learning to kite surf or just relaxing surrounded by local culture appeals to you, I urge you to discover Lencois Maranhenses before everyone else does!



When most people think of Brazil, the Amazon rainforest comes to mind or even the Pantanal wetlands, famous for its wildlife. Almost no one outside of Brazil has ever heard of the Cerrado, better known as the Brazilian savannah which is the most biodiverse grassland in the world with over 13,000 species of plants, 850 species of birds, 251 mammals, 482 reptiles and amphibians and 1200 fish species.

Until now, accommodations were scarce, but the recently opened 6 suite, luxurious Trijuncao, modeled after a high-end African safari lodge, changed all that. The real star, however, is the wildlife and adventure based activities  from the Maned wolf conservation program(this is the only place in the world where you can almost guarantee a sighting of this rare animal) to viewing some of the most unique animals indigenous to this region—when was the last time you saw a giant anteater, tapir, emu or blue and gold macaw?! There’s even  an expert biologist on this 80.000 acre private reserve.



If you have the opportunity to venture inland, you will not only be rewarded by some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, but will also discover little known , stunning country resorts like the Comuna de Ibitiposa, a vast, private reserve where guests spend their days hiking up to view points that look out over the entire Minas Gerais state, horseback ride to the waterfalls where gourmet picnics await, swim in one of the many natural pools or bird watch with an expert guide.

This is the real, authentic Brazil at it’s best and you will get a sense of the traditional rural cultures and have an opportunity to experience the vast landscapes and diverse flora and fauna while being pampered at the full service spa or take a private yoga class, savor a home-cooked, organic meal or overnight at the remote ‘Eagle’s Nest hut and stargaze the night away.



This is Brazil’s colonial capital known for its Portuguese architecture with over 300 baroque churches, colorful buildings and cobblestone alleys with a rich, historical culture.

With the opening of the new, luxury Fasano Salvador, and the neighboring Fera Palace Hotel, this puts Salvador back on the bucket list for luxury travelers looking for authentic, local experiences.

Why not take a food tour with one of the best known chefs, Dada (success means you are known by your first name only!) who will introduce you to the city’s food markets, street stalls and kitchens far off the  beaten track. FYI: some of the beaches off the coast of Salvador are the best in Brazil.



Since there are no cars allowed in the historic center, Paraty is the perfect town to  explore as you wander through the cobbled streets leisurely passing  the many art galleries, local cafes,  high quality bars and restaurants. Head just a few miles inland and you will find one of the best preserved tracts of Atlantic rainforest  where you can hike to the waterfalls , bird watch( this is one of the best places in the world to view hummingbirds)  or perhaps visit an artisanal cachaça producer—after all this  activity, you’ll probably be mighty thirsty!

A stay would not be complete if you didn’t take a private speedboat for the day to visit the unimaginably beautiful bay of Paraty which is comprised of 360 islands surrounded by turquoise, blue waters and Atlantic rainforest-covered mountains. There are so many hidden beaches and tropical fjords so stopping off to snorkel amongst the turtles and dolphins is an absolute must.

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