10 Top Travel Gifts For The Holiday Guaranteed To Knock Your Stockings Off!

These gift ideas are functional, frivolous or fanciful, but all fabulous!!!

10 Top Travel Gifts For The Holiday Guaranteed To Knock Your Stockings Off!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

For a mere $197,00 you can have your own aircraft…the 2 seater Icon A5 amphibious plane is so simple, the training program takes just 30 in-air hours to complete. You’ll still need Global Entry, but that’s only $100!

If purchasing your own plane is too pricy, Deakin & Francis sterling silver helicopter cuff links might be more your “speed”!

For the chocolate gourmand, Patrick Roger is one of the best chocolatiers around. His confections are sinfully delicious, wildly expensive and sold exclusively in Paris. Now that’s a good excuse to hop on a plane…

Instant gratification goes retro…snap a photo on the stylish Polaroid Snap Instant Camera, wait a few secs and, voilà, a tiny print emerges! Everything comes back, but better, sooner or later! www.polaroid.com/products/polaroid-snap-camera

For those who travel light, Donni Charm is the most versatile accessory you can have in your wardrobe—use it as a blanket, wrap, shawl, poncho or scarf. Since a portion of the proceeds go to a charitable cause, no need to feel guilty about making a purchase!

For the wannabe chef, why not give the real deal and send them to a Roman cuisine cooking class—in Rome! An English speaking chef will accompany you to the colorful Campo de Fiori market to select the ingredients for your meal and you’ll whip up a traditional 3 course dinner in a private penthouse with a spectacular view of the city. Mangia!
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Some of my favorite fragrances are by Byredo, the cult perfume line based in Stockholm. Their 6 iconic scents are now in a limited-edition holiday box and each glass vial is small enough to get you through airport security without a hitch!

At last, something for free! Jetlag Genie is a genius of an app that helps your body adjust to new time zones and reduces the effects of jet lag. It works by customizing a plan of action based on your flight info and sleeping patterns. Ambien, your stock just plummeted!
Download from Apple iTunes

I love Tulum and my go-to hotel is Coqui Coqui (I’m sharing all my secrets, but it’s the holidays so I’m in a giving mood). Hartwood Restaurant is a rustic, laid-back shack, but don’t let that fool you…the food is blissful! If you can’t get to the Yucatan, then let it come to you: the New Yorkers that left the Big Apple to open up this acclaimed restaurant just came out with a cookbook that is the perfect holiday gift: Hartwood: Bright, Wild Flavors From the Edge of the Yucatan.

The ‘it’ bag of the season is the ‘Upper House’ leather tote and you can only purchase it from that glam of a hotel, the Upper House in Hong Kong.
The totes are so exclusive that they are not even on display-you would have to know to ask for ‘it’ so it is strictly a word-of-mouth treasure, but, hey, flying to Hong Kong for the holidays and staying at the Upper Housewith their glorious views, over-sized rooms and dining at their wildly popular restaurant, Café Gray Deluxe, is a top travel gift in my book!
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My own personal ‘it’ tote from Upper House!