Barbados, the bottom line…

It is no longer your grandmother’s Barbados!

Barbados, the bottom line…

Monday, September 10, 2012

I must admit, Barbados has fallen off my Caribbean ‘it’ list so I decided to go back to see what-if anything-I was missing. I have to tell you that it is no longer your grandmother’s Barbados!!!  The hotels are fabulous, the restaurants are fantastic, the shopping is upscale and there are so many hidden, off-the-beaten-track fun things to do, I am verklempt!

It feels good to be wrong sometimes…..


If you’re looking for a home away from home, but with great service and staff thrown in for good measure, go to the Fairmont Royal Pavilion

The LureWayne Kafcsak, the General Manager, will make you feel special each and every moment you are there!

On the beach with Wayne Kafcsak

If you’re looking for over-the-top luxury, go to Sandy Lane

The Lure:  sensational spa and fitness center—it’s a resort unto itself!

Standing with Sandy Lane’s Resident Manager, Mario Bevilacqua von Gunderrode

If you’re in a Miami South Beachy, sexy mood, go to The House  

The Lure: For some people, no children allowed is a dealbreaker!

No Kids Allowed: That’s one way to keep the all white couches clean!

If you’re a wannabe Kate Middleton and Prince William, go to Cobblers Cove

The Lure: beautiful English style country home

waiting for my spot of tea at Cobbler’s Cove!

If you’re looking for cool, go to Ocean 2

The Lure: located in South Barbados, where all the nightlife is!


Photo: Courtesy of Ocean 2

If you’re looking for an affordable family resort, go to Coral Reef

The Lure: well-maintained family run cottage amidst beautiful gardens

Courtesy of Coral Reef

If you’re a surfer, go to Box by Box

The Lure: cheap – check out their expansive oceanfront porch

(word of mouth, no website, contact me)


If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, go to Cin Cin

The Lure:  on the waterfront with great views and the seafood is to die for…please don’t take me literally!

Cin Cin is “she she”

If you’re a foodie, The Tides will not disappoint.

The Lure: great people watching, uber-sophisticated

Al fresco dining!

If you’re looking for a local eatery no one knows about ( not even the locals), go to The Cove

The Lure:  only open 3 times a week serving fresh, home cooked meals

(word of mouth, no website, contact me)

Today’s special: Conch Salad at The Cove!


If you’re looking for Ralph, Louis, Mac, Bulgari (I am such a name dropper!), go to the newly opened, elegant Limegrove Lifestyle Center.

The Lure: even the movie theatre is state-of-the-art; the seats fully recline and there are waiters to serve you food while you’re watching first run movies—this gives new meaning to the expression, ‘lounge potato’!

Serious shopping at the Limegrove! Envy for LV!

Just cool:

If you’re looking for historical with a twist, check out the St. Nicholas Abbey, an authentic rum plantation and private home that just opened up to the public.

The Lure: mahogany engraved ‘Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd’ toilet from the 17thCentury– now we know where the word came from…who would have thunk?!!!

Throne for king! but seriously, even the toilets are fab!

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FYI: not to be a ‘humblebrag’…not, but in December 2011, I reported on Palais Namaskar and Selman Hotels in Marrakech before they even  opened. Sorry, Departures, old news!

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