The Rebirth of Bel-Air

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The Rebirth of Bel-Air

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hotel Bel-Air closed in Sept 2009 for renovations and reopened in Oct 2011.  You’ve probably read about the grand opening in every upscale magazine and website known to man but if you wanna read about it here is a great account.

What you should know is it is no longer a resort for aging Hollywood stars, blue haired ladies that lunch or recluses with loads of dough—it is for the chic, the sexy, the sophisticated, the socialite , the rapper (check out Jay-Z’s blog) and the  girl next door who wants to be treated special (that’s me)!

The design is no longer Laura Ashley meets Donna Reed—it is contemporary modern with a twist of cool!

The Hotel Bel-Air joined the 21st century—there’s an iPad in every room –a click of the mouse gets you menus, room service,  wake-up calls, spa appointments, etc., etc., etc.  The Bang & Olufson TV’s are state of the art and are exclusive to The Hotel Bel-Air (let’s face it-at $15,000 a set, how many people can afford it?).

Even the wood-burning fireplaces in the rooms go on automatically with a flick of the switch. Brilliant!

…and, if you’re a germaphobe, the toilet’s for you—the seat cover automatically opens and closes, it cleanses, oscillates, pulsates, dries—dices and chops!!!!



Love the Wolfgang Puck restaurant and the La Prairie Spa. Love that the bar is so elegantly hip. Love that the staff does not have attitude. Love that I got to stay there!!!!

The Bel-Air is my new BFF. Contact me if you want a new friend!

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