Harbour Island, Bahamas… My new BFF

Why is it still under the radar?

Harbour Island, Bahamas… My new BFF

Friday, May 4, 2012

It’s chic without really trying, has spectacular beaches, fab restaurants all you foodies would approve of and  it’s uber-friendly and safe.

Why is it still under the radar???…until now, it didn’t have me, the Ambassador of Briland (this is how us locals refer to Harbour Island)!!!!

Check out my insider info:



Pink Sands:   Tucked away on 20 acres of gardens and greenery, these 25  rustic-elegant pastel colored cottages areon the edge of the famous 3 mile Pink Sand Beach; the only thing between you and the ocean is your thatched beach palapa!

The Lure: impossibly romantic & secluded,  the  ‘Meet & Greet’ flawless service at the airport, Chef James Van Dyke’s coriander crusted Wahoo.


Check out the pink sand… steps away from the room


Dunmore Beach: the  new owners from Texas transformed this once drab property into a 15 cottage beach hideaway.

The Lure:  elegance personified in a Hamptons sort of way,the chef is the new darling of Harbour Island.



Isn’t it charming?


Rock House:   This 10 room boutique hotel in Dunmore Town is eclectic- antique luxury; the sense of detail and design issheer magic.

The Lure: private cabanas, state-of the-art gym, one of the best restaurants on the Island.


The Decor makes you wanna just stay here all day long…PERFECTION!


The Landing:  The  interiors of this privately owned 13 room honey of a hotel were designed by the fabulous and talented India Hicks—it’s all about  crisp white linens, canopied beds and dark antique woods.

The Lure: sense of history(built in the 1800’s, this is one of the oldest buildings in Dunmore Town) , the fresh seafood and organic greens in their soulful restaurant and the  Afro Head label  Rose Petal teas,  private label coffees and blended rums.



Hanging out with Toby Tyler, co-owner of The Landing and Master Blender of Afro Head Rum!



Blue Bungalow:  newly opened and very cool Tapas bar and lounge

Queen Conch: the best conch salad in the Bahamas (see photos)



The Tent: across from the Pineapple Shop, this is , literally, a tent,

but don’t let that fool you—Miss Sheila’s Bahamian fish stew

and Johnny Cakes will have you crying for more!

Dunmore Deli: great sandwiches and salads. Get them to go


Getting Around

Get in your golf cart and go, but beware of carpel tunnel—this is the land of ‘hidy ho’ and everyone will give you a friendly wave no matter how many times you pass them! The locals will take you to your destination if you get lost, engage you in conversation no matter where you are and their sense of genuine friendliness is truly irresistible and highly contagious!!!

The Bottom Line

If  you want the real inside scoop, want to  learn about the true Harbour Island scene and be seen with the celebs , Isis is your socialite guru.  Look for, Island Hopping with Isiscoming soon to a website near you. I’ll keep you in the loop and post when the first webcast is available.

Here I am with Isis (think the Egyptian goddess, Isis).  She is The Socialite Guru of Harbour Island

If you’re looking to go to Briland, contact me at info@jodybear.travel

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for the plane ride home

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