Lobster Salad from Villa d’Este on Lake Como

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Lobster Salad from Villa d’Este on Lake Como

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cooking at Villa d’Este on Lake Como

Luciano Parolari, known as the ‘King of Risotto’ retired at the end of 2011, but don’t despair.

He has passed on his  toque—and recipes-to Michele Zambanini,  Luciano’s assistant for the past 7 years.

To celebrate Michele’s promotion to Executive Chef and the June opening of their 2nd restaurant, Non Solo Pasta, please accept this exclusive recipe with love…



Ingredients for 4/6 persons

4 lobsters of about 22 oz each

Cook separately the tails (4/5 minutes) and the claws (6/7 minutes) in water with

white wine, vinegar, carrot, celery and onion.

When cooked, clean and cut the tails in round slices.

Vegetable and fruit salad:

8.5 oz ripe tomatoes cut in big cubes

2 oz cucumber peeled and cut in big cubes

1 tablespoon of sliced red onion

½ tablespoon of chopped shallot (not too thin)

6/7 leaves of basil

2 oz mango cut in cubes

½ tablespoon of fresh coriander

Mix all the above ingredients and season with salt, pepper, lemon juice, extra virgin

olive oil and use to fill 6 (rounded or squared ) moulds each of about 2 and ½


Preparation of the dish.

One layer of salad (turn one mould upside down)

Top with lobster slices, then a second layer of fruits and lobster slices again.

Garnish the dish with salad, the cleaned claws and grains of pomegranate.



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