R.V.s are the next big trend in luxury travel. Huh?!

June 18, 2020

What do you get when you combine a private home, hotel, car, and vacation all rolled into one ?…..an R.V., of course.

With International travel on hiatus, R.V. is the new buzz word for luxury travelers in the wake of Covid-19.

My exclusive interview with Felix Brambilla, partner of Overseas Leisure Group specializing in R.V. experiences, will tell you all you need to know.

Interior of an R.V.

JB: What type of traveler goes on an RV trip today?
FB: The absence of international options have drawn many different travelers towards R.V. journeys. The common denominator is a calling for nature, whether it’s an old dream or a decision based on distancing. We have also seen people of all ages decide to hit the road.
We distinguish two types of RV journey seekers. The daring family with a taste for the unexpected, ready to improvise and be hands on at all times. Then we hear from luxury travelers who had never seen themselves vacationing in an R.V., but consider this option as a safe way to travel in the midst of Covid 19. To the later, the R.V. is a fully serviced means of getting from point A to B.

JB: When taking an RV trip, what are the most important elements that you offer that appeal to a luxury traveler ?
FB:As much comfort as possible and authentic experiences along the way. The definition of comfort varies depending on how much privacy people are looking for. Luxury travelers can decide the degree of assistance they want from being self- sufficient to having a hotel on wheels with all of the services and conveniences (Cleaning, Groceries, Meals, Maintenance,…).

JB: Are there options for travelers that want the luxury RV experience, but don’t want to drive themselves?
FB: Yes, we provide experienced drivers who will be discreet and reliable. They will disappear as soon as the overnight is organized and reappear ahead of the next road portion of the itinerary.

JB: Since social distancing and privacy is important during the wake of Covid 19, what type of campgrounds should they consider ?
Campgrounds don’t imply socializing if you do not care for it. Our vehicles are independent from any camp structural facility. People in campgrounds are private and will not engage if you don’t make the first step. It is important to understand that you have different types of overnight options for an RV.
– Boondocking – In National Forests (National Parks do not allow Boondocking) sleeping in the wilderness without any other resources than those embarked on the R.V.
– Dry Camps – In National Parks, dedicated camps without hook ups for power, water and maintenance.
– Full hook ups – In the vicinity of the parks, providing all needed power sources and the ability to reload on water.

JB: Do any of your luxury R.V. travelers choose to stay in hotels ?
FB: Yes, many. Some will park the R.V. on a hotel property while others will use the R.V. as a fun transportation mode before parking it and using their hotel rooms for the night.

R.V. Master Bedroom

JB: What are the various R.V.s and what do you consider top of the line ? What does the interior configuration look like and what type of amenities do you provide ?
FB: R.V.s range from compact luxury Mercedes vans, ideal for 2 or 3 people all the way to a 45 ft luxury converted coach which is ideal for 6 persons. We usually do not recommend exceeding 6 persons in the same vehicle. There are other middle of the range options which can still offer the needed space for  clients. Commonly, larger RVs will have a room with a queen or king bed, 2 bunks beds and a convertible sofa. They will also feature full size bathrooms, large kitchen area, laundry corner and a spacious dining area. We call them ‘presidential suites on wheels’.
Some of the amenities included are brand new linens, several satellite TVs, 4 G Internet for up to 5 people and an indispensable 24/7 remote concierge who takes responsibility for all the aspects of your adventure. We customize the amenities to the traveler’s specifications.

JB: What are some tips and some misconceptions about RV experiences?
FB: Misconceptions:
RV Trips are for people who do not want luxury while traveling’.  Some of our clients have been people who usually book penthouses. It is a question of expectations and budget.
An RV is hard to drive’.  It depends on the size of the RV and the person’s capacity. Anyone can drive an RV under 32 ft. It feels like a big car. It takes a different mindset to captain a 45 ft RV and some will be better opting for a driver.
Don’t try and hit the road every day. Take time and prolong your stops over a few nights. Less stops and more time to explore.
You want luxury service,  but do not want the driver in your R.V.–try our Chase Road Concierge. He will handle everything around your trip except the driving (hook ups, maintenance, etc.)and can be used as a chauffeur with his SUV when the RV is parked.

JB: How long should they drive each day and how long should they stay at each site ?
If you are self driving, 5 to 6 hours maximum per day and at least 2 night in each site.
If you have a driver up to 8 hours. We still recommend at least 2 nights on site to enjoy activities and visit the area. A nice touch which can change your experience is to take along bicycles for everyone. Once the R.V. is hooked up, it will give you plenty of flexibility to move around and enjoy the surroundings. We can always have a rack installed in the back of the vehicle.

JB: What are the most popular itineraries for clients seeking an RV experience right now?
FB: Some will not want to fly before they start their journey. We offer itineraries around most largely populated areas (North East, California, Great Lakes, Carolinas, Florida..) For those willing to go closer to American National Parks, we propose a circle around Grand Canyon covering Zion, Bryce, Lake Powell, Monument Valley) or a fantastic  one way journey up from Grand Teton to Yellowstone, the Montana Ranches and Glacier. More or less anything can be tailored in any region, as long as you are aware of the weather conditions.

Hit the road, Jack!

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