Sequester News : Travel Trends Post-pandemic

May 8th

Sequester News

Although travel is on hold for now, we are coming out of ‘Lock Down’ and things are beginning to ’Look Up’

While most of us are in a temporary travel pause,  innovative travel trends are emerging.

Here are a few interesting developments:

The Westin Houston Medical Center in Houston, Texas, a hotel within a medical center, is open for business.

Lightstrike Germ-Zapping robots go into each room using high-intensity light pulses to kill viruses, fungi & bacteria. 

Robocop meets Alexa!

Hilton has collaborated with RB, the maker of Lysol, as well as the Mayo Clinic and will be introducing ‘Hilton CleanStay’.

The program incorporates RB’s know-how and the scientific approach of their cleaning practices with the Mayo Clinic’s Infection Control team.

AirBNB and Luxury Retreats (their luxury villa brand) are instituting new standards which include a 72 hour wait period.

This means once someone checks out, the rental will be empty and cleaned which further reduces the risk of bacteria.

Hotels are looking for new ways to reduce touchpoints for the future:

Look for virtual check-in procedures and keyless room entry. Pens & other desk paraphernalia will be replaced with sanitized wipes. Some hotels might get creative and monogram them with the guest’s initials.

For the luxury traveler, look for a substantial uptick in villa retreats. Small, boutique hotels & inns are encouraging buy-outs which are geared to family and multi-generational travel.

Jody Bear’s road trip from Amangiri to Camp Sarika

‘Regional Bubble Travel’ within the U.S. might be a way we travel in the immediate future.

Neighboring states will form alliances. This will then open up their borders for travelers that would prefer to drive to their destinations. For example, the governors of California, Washington, Oregon, etc.

have said they would coordinate the reopening of their states to limit the spread of the pandemic and promote safe travel.

The possibilities for memorable road trips are endless.

I will keep you posted on hotel updates, openings, and the future of travel.

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