I have so much to say and so little time.

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I have so much to say and so little time.

December 5, 2011

I have so much to say and so little time.  One day, I hope there is an invention to record my experiences without carrying a video camera.  People always say they cannot wait for “smell-e-vision” but I can’t wait for “experience-e-vision.  Okay so I digress bit.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in beautiful Milan. What would a trip to Milan be without shopping! As you know, I spent Friday visiting dear friends and a multitude of properties which left me time on Saturday to do what my husband says I do best – SHOP! (Dear Hubby, I was very good and did not break the bank. I only bought one pair of shoes). Actually, I combined my two favorite things and went to the Eat’s Food Store. Yes, it’s hard work..eating and shopping and eating and shopping. It’s a tough life but I do it for you! So you, dear reader can benefit from all my hard work… okay, okay – I did it for me…but I am writing about it so you are in the know.

Seriously folks this place is so new that you are the first to hear about it.   If you visit Milan you have to come here and check it out.  It’s a must see.  Imagine your favorite produce market, cafe, wine bar combined into one extravaganza. I bought a few tomatoes to nosh on and they were so sweet and fresh.  We then walked over to wine wine bar.  It’s totally high tech and stream line.  Each type of wine is stored at a temperature that is specific for that particular type.  You can tell by my picture that I could have stayed here all week.  Eat’s Food Store is located in the Galleria del Corso, in the historic Via del Corso area.  Eat’s just gave us one more great reason to visit!

Sunday, our last day (sigh)we decided to venture out to the lovely town of Bergamo just north of Milan.  Bergamo has the wonderful distinction of having two centers.  The first center which marks the historical area sits atop a hill and overlooks the bustling downtown that is the modern center.  We walked on the small quaint cobblestoned streets and enjoyed the local fanfare. It was chilly that day but the air was clean and fresh.  It’s just 40 kilometers north of Milan but it feels like a world away. The town attracts hiking and biking enthusiasts.  We definitely got our exercise in for the day.   It is also known for the Christmas market that runs from December 1st to January 1st.  The market is open on Sundays too.  As our group took in the sights we stumbled upon a small parade and the band was playing wonderful music. It was a scene out of an old movie. It was a perfect end to our Italian excursion.  Go to this site for more information. meridianadibergamo.it

Monday morning our group left the beautiful peninsula of Italy and arrived on the second leg of this trip.  We were transported to none other than one of the most spectacular ocean properties on The French Riveria – Hotel du Cap Eden Roc.  The  property is officially closed this time of year but they opened their doors to host a lunch just for us!!!  If you only have one place on your bucket list….this is it! I don’t mean to be a tease, but you have to book a year in advance.  Just like New York’s hottest restaurants, Hotel du Cap is always and I repeat always sold out unless you contact me Jody Bear, of course!  Click here to read more about the most elegant property on earth.