Top 10 Travel Gifts Just in the Nick of Time

These gift ideas are functional, frivolous or fanciful, but all fabulous!!!

Top 10 Travel Gifts Just in the Nick of Time

1. Baiser Vole

Hard to find, but worth the hunt, Cartier’s newest parfum, Baiser Vole ,comes in a roll-on small enough to fit in your evening clutch…

2. The iPhone Lens Dial

The essential camera accessory; with a simple spin of a wheel, this nifty gadget by Photojo, allows you to take panoramic pics on your iPhone.

3. Decoupage trays

with luggage label motifs byJohn Derian….they are so cool, so chic, so vintage …

4. Go Clean Travel bags

For your gym gear, laundry, shoes and boots…at last, someone came up with bags large enough to pack a pair of knee high boots in your suitcase. I can finally get rid of the plastic bags from the drugstore!!!!!

5. The Canon Powershot S100

The oh-so-perfect compact point and shoot camera guaranteed to take great pictures each time. I would gift this to myself!

6. Luxe City Guides

Should be your ‘go to’ resource for restaurants, shopping and style tips in Asia, Europe and, most recently, key U.S. cities. They are cleverly written and small enough to stuff in your stocking.

7. Party crystal pillboxes

For calorie-free macarons, check out ‘Judith Leiber’s  party crystal pillboxes inspired by this iconic confection. Choose from 14 flavors—I mean colors– including champagne, lemon, rose and mint.

8. World Dinner Maps

Now you can have breakfast in Tokyo, lunch in London and dinner inParis without leaving your home… 50 Disposal paper World Dinner Maps are a great gift for the traveler at heart!

9. The Truconnect MI-FI

Looks like a metal credit card, but it is a portable, personal, pocketable Wi-Fi hotspot! Stay connected 24/7!

10. Custom Perfume

Create a bespoke fragrance for that someone special in your life. All it takes is a few consultations with Lyn Harris, the founder of Miller Harris, and, voilá, your individual eau de parfum will be delivered in a hand-engraved bottle with a name or message etched on the glass! Of course, you will have to fly to London for your consultations, but that’s where I come in!!!


Happy Trails!