Jose Ignacio, Uruguay …telling it to you straight

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Jose Ignacio, Uruguay …telling it to you straight

Monday, September 21, 2015


A Vik is a Vik is a Vik…not!  Find the ideal  ‘Vik’ for you:

If Eden Rock in St. Bart and J.K. Place in Capri appeal to you, then Bahia Vik is the perfect fit.

If riding horses into the sunset and communing with nature is your thing, then you would love Estancia Vik.

The view from Estancia Vik. Check out the horses grazing in the background.


If you shop on, read WWD and lunch at Fred’sNYC, then Playa Vik is your go-to hotel.

Beautiful pool and beach at Playa Vik



If you’re a wanna-be (but not quite there yet), Casa Suaya is a great place to hang your sombrero…besides, their restaurant Butia is fab!



Everyone’s go- to restaurant is La Huella, but if you’re in-the-know, there are  some cool restaurants that you should know!

La Olada is the brainchild of Silvia Alegrea and Tato Rivero(Silvia was the hostess and Tato was the former chef of La Huella) and they are  taking their rustic restaurant to new heights.

What could be more romantic than a candle lit evening while dining under the stars…did I forget to mention the cuisine at Marismo is divine?!

Located in Manantiales (halfway between Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este), Mistura is worth the short trip. Completely outdoors with a cane roof to protect you from the elements, the cuisine is Uruguayan-vegetable fusion.
Mistura-Manantiales facebook page

De Compras:

El Canuto, a fashionable boutique that features unknown designers using high quality local fabrics and woolens – there’s no need to shop at Bergdorfs any longer!!!

If multi-tasking is your thing, shop and sip at Mutate, a café-cum-boutique where you can get a great cup of coffee as you peruse through the eclectic mix of home accessories from vintage clothing to handmade jewelry.

Allium just opened in Garzon Village (more about Garzon Village below) selling amazing-and I mean amazing-woolen products from ponchos to pantalones!!!


Less than ½ hour away from Jose Ignacio,  the sleepy , but sophisticated, Garzon Village is a lovely way to spend the day. A visit to Colinas de Garzon and Garzon Winery for a private wine and premium olive oil tasting is a must. You can also go ballooning, biking through the vines or having a lovely, decadent picnic (as you can see, my choice)!

Picnic in Garzon Village

And, if you’re really connected (of course you are, you know me), why not stay at Casa Anna, a 5-bedroom, beautiful home surrounded by glorious gardens.


Romantic Garden at Casa Anna


Francis Mallmann, the  chef extraordinaire & a major influence of  Uruguayan cuisine , not only has his flagship restaurant in Garzon Village, but he JUST opened Garzon Café  …drink your cortado  slowly and watch the world go by …

Agustin Leone, the CEO of Bespoke South, knows everyone and everything in Jose Ignacio as well as  the surrounding areas…oops, I’m giving away my secrets!   If you need a guide to take you horseback riding to the unexplored towns near Jose Ignacio (Las Garzas has the most exquisite beaches) or you want the best churros you ever tasted in your life (Manolo in Punta del Este), Agustin is your hombre!



(L.)Agustin Leone and I enjoying our coffee and churros.                     (R.) Sitting outside Manolo for the best churros

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