Sequester Spotlight – Ozzy, founder of Travel Designer

April 29
Jody Bear taking a coffee break in the bush.

South Africa is one of my favorite destinations and my go-to guy for anything that is cool, unexpected and completely off-the-beaten track is Ozzy.

You can get a decent cup of joe anywhere , but Ozzy brings this liquid gold to an entirely new level which is great news for anyone who is lucky enough to travel with him.

In Cape Town, the ocean and mountains are his playground and he loves nothing more than finding the perfect  spot where he can park his beloved  Land Rover Defender outfitted with a mobile brewing bar , lay down his lucky Turkish carpet , take out his Melvill & Moon safari furniture and, voilà,the experience begins.

He grinds his selected African beans with a pre-charged electric drill attached to his hand-grinder before brewing begins and serves the coffee in specially designed glasses to enhance the color, flavor and aroma.

While traveling to Zimbabwe and Zambia last year, Ozzy made coffee in the company of 15 elephants (pre-social distancing!) in the middle of an African bush camp. He set up his brewing bar next to a watering hole and , as he was serving java to his guests, the elephants approached gently from behind to get a drink of water.

Coffee has always been associated with urban culture, but Ozzy wants to take his guests out of the daily ‘grind’ and introduce the bush in a unique way.

Look out, Starbucks!

While I can’t bring you to South Africa at the moment, I can bring Ozzy to you.

Enjoy your coffee break at the Atlantis Dunes in Cape Town!

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